Spacious is growing!

Chris Esh


I hope everyone is having a great new year so far. Though it’s just beginning, I’m already excited for what 2022 will bring.

Growing Our Support

2021 brought growth and change to the Spacious team–in a good way! And with that growth, I’ve decided to add a new support line to organize our work for our website care plan clients

I have been working on our support process to better receive, track, and process requests more efficiently. That said, for all support requests going forward, please use [email protected]

If you forget on occasion, that’s okay! I or someone on my team can forward them to the support email. However, if you send them directly to the support email listed above, that will guarantee we’ll be able to answer more efficiently. 

Scheduling requests and other general questions can still be sent directly to me. If you’re not sure, send to what you feel is right, and we can help you out either way. 

Growing Our Team

Speaking of my team–we’ve grown!

I want to introduce you to our newest team member, Becky. Along with Guilda and me, she’ll be helping me to ensure we have more website support and better communication for a more consistent turnaround. 

I’ve been the sole contact person for all care plans and projects for the past six years, but as we advance, Becky and Guilda will become more active in client-facing communications, so you may hear from them sometimes too! Read their bios here.

If you have any questions about these changes, feel free to reach out. We’re here!


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