About Spacious

We're a small, remote team that partners with unique and wonderful people working to make an impact. We provide web design, website maintenance, and other digital marketing services to help you create natural connections with your target audience online.

About Chris Esh

I'm a Philadelphia-based website consultant that builds authentic websites and lasting relationships with my clients.

I provide design services, WordPress development, content creation, and hand-holding to create the uniquely engaging web presence that you're seeking.

I started my career in the nonprofit world out of a desire to make the world better. I eventually moved to web design/development and started a business so I could spend more time creating stuff, but still with the same drive to make a positive impact. I launched my freelance web design business in April 2016, which evolved into Spacious a couple of years later.

Becky copy

Becky Franzel

Project Manager & Copywriter

Hi, I’m Becky, your project manager at Spacious. I have experience in managing digital projects big and small and specialize in crafting heart-forward brand stories.

My writing background includes six years of experience in a remote capacity. My specialties include content writing, copywriting, UX copywriting, copyediting, proofreading, blog writing, ghostwriting, and ebooks. I'm also the author of 2 books, for which I have organized book tours in different cities.

When I’m not working at Spacious, I enjoy writing, drinking tea, and taking long walks along whatever body of water is closest to me (currently, that is the Menomonee River in Milwaukee, WI). I have two cats named Sid and Nancy, as well as several plants I should probably water more often.


Guilda Tuazon

Care Plan Specialist & Project Assistant

Hi, I'm Guilda. I spent many years working in the finance and accounting field before starting my freelancing career as a virtual assistant doing research, data entry, email management, social media management, graphic design, web design, and a lot more. I joined Spacious in 2018.

I love that I can literally work from anywhere that has an internet connection. I really enjoy freelancing, as it turns out. I’ve embraced the freedom of working from home, taking regular breaks, and running errands on weekdays.

In my free time, you'll find me cuddling with my two kids, playing fetch with my pups, watching movies, baking, and learning new things.


Darryl Reubens

Front-End Developer

Hi, I'm Darryl. I am a web designer/developer from the UK. Previously I've worked in the IT field, contracting in the UK for around 15 years. The last 5 years or so I have been working in a freelancing capacity designing, implementing, and finding solutions for clients around the world.

I have a passion for travel. With the switch to fully remote working as a freelancer over the past several years, it has enabled me to live pretty much permanently abroad as a digital nomad. I spend a lot of time in Thailand, Vietnam and Bali. Eventually, I would like to live a more rooted existence though!

coworking space
My other office at the Philly Fireworks co-working space.
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