About Spacious

We're a small, remote team of creatives that partner with unique and wonderful people working to make an impact. We provide web design, brand strategy, website maintenance, and other digital marketing services to help you create natural connections with your target audience online.

Our Mission

We're deeply committed to providing top-notch strategy and stunning websites that empower mission-driven organizations to connect with the people they serve and amplify their impact.


Our Work

We provide web design, WordPress development, content creation, and hand-holding to create and support the uniquely engaging web presence that you're seeking.

We’re lucky to work with a wide range of inspiring nonprofits and delightful businesses and build meaningful relationships with our clients that last long beyond the build and launch of their websites. We love the work we do because of our amazing clients - their passion drives our passion. Through our work, we strive to empower good people and organizations to meaningfully connect with the people they serve and amplify the impact of their work.

Our Team


Chris Esh

Tessa Jonson

Guilda Tuazon

How We Work

We work with you as collaborators, pairing your deep knowledge of your organization and audience with our expertise in brand strategy, marketing, and design. Then we work to translate your goals and needs into a stunning and user-friendly website that amplifies the impact of your work.

We're obsessed with process. An effective process makes complicated projects manageable by breaking them down into bite-sized, logical steps. Our process is designed to be highly collaborative and includes five key deliverables to gather your feedback and ideas.

After launching your website, we’ll be there for you! We can continue to maintain, update, and improve your website, which ensures it serves you and your audience long into the future.

We strive for designs that are contemporary yet timeless, focusing on delivering quality content that resonates with our core values of authenticity and impact. We love minimalism, genuine connection, and straightforward communication. Rather than relying on flashy gimmicks, we aim to delight users with ease and simplicity.

We Get Nonprofits

Before founding Spacious in 2016, Chris spent five years working at a handful of diverse nonprofits in Philadelphia and Mexico City. From this insider knowledge and many dozens of nonprofit clients in the years since, our team has developed a unique understanding of how these organizations work and how to optimize their websites for fundraising, program delivery, advocacy, and member engagement.

We want to help you build an authentic connection with your core supporters, expand the impact of your work, and increase donations to make your work sustainable.

coworking space
My other office at the Philly Fireworks co-working space.