The insider’s guide to successful nonprofit website projects

Chris Esh


A bit over 9 years ago, I got my first job out of college at Philadelphia LISC. For the next 5 years at various organizations in Philly and Mexico City, I was entrenched in the business of growing the impact of nonprofits and seeing the immense benefits they provided to the people and communities they were servicing.

And along the way, I also saw the immense pain in the butt nonprofits experienced when trying to spread their message with the use of technology and their own websites in particular.

The problem nonprofits face when building a website.

From founders with a lack of technical expertise and mental framework for hiring web designers and knowing how to plan a website build. To inexperienced web designers charging exorbitant fees and missing deadlines that should have easily been met. The process of building a simple website became far from simple.

So four years ago when I started my web design company Spacious, I sought to help as many nonprofits as I could with this process. To make it easier and less stressful on their organizations, and to also make a greater impact.

I’ve ended up working with some amazing nonprofit organizations to create an online presence that they can be proud of. Without the hassle and headache of working with inexperienced web designers or creating one themselves. Or breaking the bank.

Although I’ve helped a lot of non-profit organizations, my goal has always been to have a really big impact. Go big or go home right?

The Ultimate Guide to a Successful Nonprofit Website Project

Over the past 9 months, I’ve created something that is meant to help nonprofits navigate the process of creating or redesigning their website. It’s a culmination of all the knowledge I picked up from my 4 years as a web designer and 5 years as a nonprofit employee and designed to be genuinely helpful and free.

I call it the Ultimate Guide to a Successful Nonprofit Website Project and it’s essentially an A-Z guide that will help nonprofits plan for their website build, hire the right web designer, organize content, learn what to expect from the process of getting the website finished, and much, much more. I’ve made the guide completely free, and my goal is to get it into as many hands as possible. I don’t want to see any more well-meaning nonprofit organizations struggle with creating an amazing website when they don’t have to!

So if you’re reading this and think it will be helpful, please read the guide, and don’t be afraid to share it! The more nonprofits I can help through this process, the better.

You can download the guide by clicking on the link below.


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