How to unlearn boring

Chris Esh


We internalize this belief that in order to be successful in business, in running an organization, or in our careers we need to be professional.

In this case, “professional” is really just another way of saying boring. It’s the opposite of having a personality, of being unique, of being memorable.

Not only is this advice bad because it makes our society and our professional lives boring, but more importantly it’s bad advice because it’s not good for your business or career. Being bland and forgettable is a death sentence in the attention economy.

Being your unique self may not resonate with everyone, but being a stiff professional won’t resonate with ANYBODY.

If it feels like too much of a risk to let a joke slip into your marketing or to let your nerdy personality shine through or show your crass no-BS attitude, focus instead on *the much bigger risk* of playing it safe and being entirely forgettable.

Let’s unlearn being boring together!


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