How to stand out in your industry

Chris Esh


Excellent customer service, trustworthiness, and quality products/services are NOT differentiators.

They’re expected. They’re the bare minimum.

  • If you’re an architect, your drawings should be detailed.
  • An accountant? Let me guess: you’re good with numbers.
  • If you’re a restaurant, we can assume the food tastes good.
  • A digital marketer? I assume you’ll get me “results,” as that’s what I’m paying for.

These are baseline values/characteristics, which as business owners we should absolutely uphold, but we get no brownie points for them.

Here’s the problem: If your marketing is driven exclusively by baseline values, your potential customers won’t be able to distinguish you from anyone else in your industry.

So how do you find a marketing message that actually resonates, that is distinct from what all of your average competitors say about themselves?

  1. List out all the qualities that describe your business: what clients say about you, what you’re proud of, etc.
  2. Then cross out all the ones that are expected of your industry. These are fluff.
  3. What remains is what actually makes you special, unique, and different.

It won’t be for everyone, but some people will absolutely love you.


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