11 ideas for your next nonprofit newsletter

Chris Esh

11 nonprofit newsletter ideas

Coming up with ideas for your nonprofit newsletter is tough. That’s why we did it for you. Here are some ideas you can write about for your next nonprofit newsletter.

Send Your Updates

Sending out updates in your newsletter is a great way to keep people informed about your nonprofit. Sometimes social media algorithms don’t do a good job showing everyone your posts. At least when you send updates through your newsletter you can be assured that it will land in everyone’s inbox.

Repost Content You Published Elsewhere

If you’ve already spent some time creating content in the form of a blog, YouTube video, podcast, etc. This is the place to share it! Make sure you’re letting people know where they can consume more content from you and grow your other platforms. Just include a brief excerpt, then link to the full article/video.

Tell Stories

Newsletters don’t have to be all business. They’re a great way to share stories and remind people that there are real human beings running things behind the scenes. Tell a story about how your nonprofit started. Talk about an interesting challenge that you’ve overcome in recent years.

Highlight Donors, Volunteers & Employees

Without them, your nonprofit would be non-existent. So why not give them the credit they deserve? Profiling the people who keep your nonprofit going is a great way to build in some character to your online presence.

Create An Opportunity To Connect

Speaking of the humans involved in your nonprofit, why not help them connect with each other? Right now is not a great idea for in-person events, but why not utilize Zoom, Slack, and other online collaboration programs to connect with your supporters and connect them to each other? Add a footer to your next newsletter with details for how to join your online community. Want us to write another article on how to create an online community for your nonprofit on Slack? Let us know in the comments!

Highlight Other Ways People Can Help

Is donating to your programs the only way someone can help move your cause forward? What are some things people can do in their day to day lives in order to push the agenda?

Show Off Content From Your Supporters

Just like you can write profiles on your supporters and employees in a newsletter, you can also share their content. Are all your employees working from home? Have them all send in pictures of their #workfromhome work setups. Sharing content like that is super relatable and is just the type of thing people like to click on.

Send Event Recaps

Have an event coming up soon? Awesome, be sure to mention it in your next newsletter. But don’t forget to send a recap as well. Letting people know how great an event was is a great way to reinforce the importance of your organization’s efforts and get people excited to make it to the next event.

Talk About Your Friends

Are there other amazing nonprofits or businesses you absolutely love supporting? Why not talk about them on your next newsletter? Spread the love and talk about why you enjoy getting takeout from the local deli or going to socialize with cats at your local shelter. People are looking for ways to help, especially during these times, plus it’s just a good thing to do.


Hosting Q & A’s are a great way to engage with your community. On your next newsletter encourage your readers to reply back with any questions they may have for you. Then on the following newsletter you can answer them. Or you can answer one question per week as a newsletter segment.

Make an Ask

Now that you’ve spent the time writing an awesome newsletter, feel free to make an ask of your audience. Maybe you’d like to hit your donation goal for the month, or get more commitments for your next event. This is the time to ask for support. And be sure to ask people to forward the newsletter to someone else who might enjoy it.

Hopefully this helps give you some ideas for your next newsletter. Now get to writing!


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