10 post ideas for your business blog

  1. Tell a story of an interesting client/project.
  2. Explain your process. How do you do things? Why did you choose to do things this way?
  3. Where is your industry headed? What opportunities and threats lay ahead?
  4. Think of a question that clients ask you all the time. Answer it!
  5. Make a list of your favorite resources/websites/businesses relevant to your audience (e.g. 5 great websites for free stock photos).
  6. Write about something that is “industry standard” that you disagree with.
  7. Post some behind-the-scenes photos of your work place.
  8. Create a monthly roundup of articles that your target audience would enjoy.
  9. Explain a specific/unique service that you offer. (This is great for SEO as well).
  10. Create a list (like this one!) that helps your target audience.


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