What’s your story?

Chris Esh


You’ll consume hundreds of pieces of micro-content today, and you’ll forget about 98% of it by tomorrow. What’ll stick?

The compelling stories, the conversations, interactions, text, photos, and videos that fit into a storyline that resonates with your life in some way.

As an organization or business, your marketing is going to waste if you can’t clearly articulate your purpose in a compelling story within about 60 seconds.

Because if you can’t piece together all you’re doing into a meaningful story, then your super distractible target audience doesn’t have a chance. And your sincere efforts will all end up in the mental recycling bin along with the other 98% of discardable content.

How do you figure out your story? Here are some questions to get you started:

  • What need did you identify that prompted you to start your company/organization?
  • How does your work make people better off?
  • What do you feel passionately about that most of your competitors overlook?
  • What makes you uniquely you?
  • How has your work shifted over time? How has your understanding of “the problem” evolved?

BTW, being able to tell a compelling story about yourself as a person is hugely advantageous for your professional life as well. What made you pick the path you’re on? Was there a crisis or turning point that made you change course? How are you different than you were 5 years ago? Etc.

I’m not saying you need to have a Disney-like story about beating the odds and silencing the haters. Just an honest story that’s human and relatable.

Facts are forgettable. Stories stick.


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