The ultimate guide for creating a beautiful, functional, nonprofit website. Coming soon.


Website projects can be costly, time-consuming, and overwhelming to dive into, which is why so many organizations keep websites they hate for far too long. But it doesn’t have to be this way!

This month I'll be releasing my ultimate guide for managing a nonprofit website project. This guide will help remove the mystery and overwhelm of a website project. I’ll walk you through exactly what to expect from a project, how to prepare, and provide tips to keep costs within your budget.

It'll include all the knowledge and tools to plan a project that aligns with your organization's goals while avoiding common missteps and errors that inevitably accompany projects of this size and scope.

What to expect in the non-profit guide

The guide is meant to be useful for nonprofit employees and leadership no matter their technological savviness or experience. It covers all the steps I typically take with my clients to ensure a web design process goes smoothly. It also provides insight on how to hire the right firm and what to expect after launch.

I spent the first five years of my career working at a handful of nonprofit organizations before starting my web design business. This experience brought me a deep appreciation for both their impact and quirkiness and I’ve worked extensively with dozens of nonprofits over the years.

With experience on both sides, I’ve developed a good sense of what is key to a successful nonprofit website project and I’ll do my best to share that with you here!

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And here's a snippet from Part 1: Planning for a Nonprofit Website Project

The more you clarify your needs and organize your team before approaching a web designer, the less the website will cost. The biggest time suck of any website project is when organizations don’t know (or can’t agree on) what they want.

The best way to ensure a cost-effective project is to organize yourself so your web design firm can focus on what they do best - rather than needing to constantly adjust to new requests and organizational politics.

What you should ideally do before approaching a web design firm:

  1. Identify your goals
  2. Identify your target audience
  3. Figure out what your target audience wants/needs from your website
  4. Assign roles in your organization (point person, decision-makers, etc.)
  5. Organize your brand assets
  6. Review your current site

If you can nail these down before starting the website project, your web design firm will have a much easier time getting you exactly what you need on-time and within your budget.

The entire guide will be filled with actionable steps to ensure the success of your new non-profit website.

Every section is meant to educate and provide action-steps that can help you move forward in the process of building a website.

The goal of this guide is to (hopefully) answer all of the common questions any non-profit businesses will have when undertaking a new website build.

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Thanks for reading and check your inbox for the release of the guide!

Table of Contents

Part 1: Planning for a Nonprofit Website Project
Part 2: How to Hire a Web Design Firm
Part 3: Organize Your Content
Part 4: Parts of a Web Design Process
Part 5: Launch and Beyond

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