The key to creating worthwhile content

Chris Esh

What’s the key to creating worthwhile content as a business owner? Simple, start by answering the questions your clients are already asking you!

But how do you know what questions they have? Should you go and post a survey?

Not necessary. Here’s a better idea:

Keep a Log of Questions Your Clients Are Asking You

For the next week, jot down each time a client calls or emails with a question. If you have a team, have the marketing folks talk to the customer service folks. Tell them to find out what questions customers are asking. Odds are, most of those questions have already been asked and answered a dozen times by other clients.

At weeks end, go through your list. All those questions? They’re all potential content for your blog, social media, videos, etc. Some questions might seem basic, but remember… the stuff that’s obvious to you may not be so obvious to someone else!

Still, some questions may be more difficult to answer. Perfect. Answering those tough questions will allow you to show off your expertise. But make sure your explanations are easy to understand. The goal should always be to genuinely help your customers. Don’t be like competitors who act like “know it alls” and speak down to their potential clients!

You Don’t Have A Content Creation Problem

Stop believing you never have anything worthwhile to say. The truth is, you probably just take your knowledge for granted. But that’s because YOU are the expert! For someone else, that knowledge could be truly eye opening.

So here’s a challenge. Stop thinking your marketing is separate from the rest of your business. Think of your marketing as a “lite version” of the services you provide to paying customers. If you do this, you’ll never have trouble coming up with ideas for content.


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