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Center for Metal Arts

February 22, 2023 | Comments Off on Center for Metal Arts

The Center for Metal Arts is a renowned institution committed to preserving and promoting the art of metalworking. They offer a world-class educational forging program and provide a state-of-the-art facility deeply rooted in the traditions and history of metal arts. To extend their reach to artists, craftspeople, and students both in the U.S. and internationally, […]

International Childbirth Education Association

January 20, 2023 | Comments Off on International Childbirth Education Association

International Childbirth Education Association (ICEA) educates, certifies, and creates a community of doulas and childbirth educators working to increase global access to safe, culturally respectful family-centered perinatal care. They work around the clock to ensure equitable, safe care in those first moments of life. Visit Site The Doula & Childbirth Educator Directory We created a […]

KG Strong

May 10, 2022 | Comments Off on KG Strong

What started as a workout class in Katie’s living room grew into a thriving KG Strong community, based in the Bok Building in South Philly. One of Philly’s only female-owned and powered strength training studios, they “prioritize strength training to enhance your life outside our walls.” I’ve been supporting Katie’s previous site for a couple […]

Whipped Bakeshop

January 31, 2021 | Comments Off on Whipped Bakeshop

So excited about launching Whipped Bakeshop’s 🔥 new site! This Fishtown-based bakeshop has a long list of accolades: 5th Best Cupcake in America (The Daily Meal) Best of Philly, and baker of Bryce Harper’s 1-year-old’s birthday cake, to name a few. But behind this thriving brand is pair of wonderful human beings, Zoë and Brennen […]

Campus Philly

November 12, 2020 | Comments Off on Campus Philly

Campus Philly is a nonprofit committed to helping students who come to Philly for school fall in love with the city and set up their lives here. I had a blast working with the team to design a site that gives college students insider tips and resources to feel at home in this wonderful town. […]

Hyperconnected Cities Data Navigator

December 17, 2019 | Comments Off on Hyperconnected Cities Data Navigator

ESI ThoughtLab We had a blast working with ESI Thoughtlab to turn their Hyperconnected Cities data into an interactive online tool for business and municipal leaders to get an in-depth outlook on how 100 cities around the world stack up in these areas: Technology and IT Infrastructure Mobility and Transportation Energy and Water Environment and […]