Whipped Bakeshop


So excited about launching Whipped Bakeshop’s 🔥 new site! This Fishtown-based bakeshop has a long list of accolades: 5th Best Cupcake in America (The Daily Meal) Best of Philly, and baker of Bryce Harper’s 1-year-old’s birthday cake, to name a few.

But behind this thriving brand is pair of wonderful human beings, Zoë and Brennen Lukas, who were just a delight to work with from start to finish.

“With a sweet tooth, an art degree, and the help of my husband Brennen, I opened Whipped Bakeshop in 2009, a long-time goal. Since that time, we’ve made thousands of amazing cakes and we’ve had a blast making our customers’ dessert dreams come true. We have never stopped striving to evolve Whipped Bakeshop into more of what we – and you – love.”

Since they’re appointment-only (even before COVID), they needed a website to deliver the full experience people expect from a lovely little bakeshop. So we built a user-friendly e-commerce site that captures the joy, elegance, and modernity of their brand.

Get yo sweets on!