Philly Fair Trade Roasters


Philly Fair Trade Roasters specializes in small-batch organic coffee, available in cafes, restaurants, natural and small business food markets, boutique hotels, local food co-ops and farmers markets throughout the Greater Philadelphia Area.

I’ve been working with Philly Fair Trade since May 2016, just after I launched my businesses. They had just completed a new site at that point, but we’ve worked to gradually redesign and improve almost every aspect of the site since then.

World Coffee Map

We built an interactive map displaying info on all of their coffee producers from around the world. Their target audience is coffee drinkers who care about the social impact of their spending. We added the map to create a stronger sense of connection between the consumers and the farmers.

E-commerce integration

I worked with Philly Fair Trade and e-Beans, their inventory/e-commerce provider, to integrate the two platforms. The store portion of the website is completely separate, but we worked out ways to build the most seamless integration possible.


We helped Philly Fair Trade Roasters move from a dated mailing list platform to Mailchimp. We designed a fresh, mobile-friendly email template and manage their monthly newsletter.