Once Upon a Preemie

Once Upon A Preemie (OUAP) is a Black women-led non-profit organization committed to pioneering solutions for neonatal equity to center the Black Preemie family experience. They seek to educate NICU workers on how to create a more equitable care experience as well as provide a space for Black preemie families to find hope and support.

Our goal was to simplify the user journey for anyone in their target audience, regardless of their entry point. We worked with author and founder Jenné Johns to create a site that effectively highlights her virtual training, workshops, speaking engagements, advocacy, and consulting work. This included creating an interface for people to easily sign up for courses directly on her site, connecting directly to her OUAP training portal. Because her work spans many audiences, we created a navigation that effectively spoke to the target audiences that would be visiting her site—for both professionals and parents.

Educational Programs

The site offers a range of educational programs aimed at healthcare professionals and families. These programs focus on reducing racial disparities and implicit bias in NICUs.


The website serves as a platform for advocacy, urging legislative changes that mandate equity in maternal and neonatal healthcare.

Donations and Fundraising

The site has features that allow for easy donations and also advertises its annual fundraising events, making it easier for supporters to contribute financially.

Check out what Once Upon A Preemie is doing here.