New Voices


New Voices is a progressive online magazine written by and for Jewish college students. They publish thoughtful, well-written articles and opinions on wide-ranging issues related to Jewish identity including Israel/Palestine, LGBTQ, politics, Torah, college life and more. They also have investigative series, fiction, and poetry.

Their previous website didn’t do justice to the quality of content they were putting out. They couldn’t control which articles were featured on the homepage and as a result, lots of really good, recent content was quickly buried in the archives.

We worked with their editor Daniel Holtzman to design a site that featured their favorite recent content while also allowing users to navigate the archives by topics and categories. While the site covers lots of timely issues, most of their articles are still relevant months and years after publication. Issues around immigration or gender tend to stick around. We wanted to make the archives feel engaging and relevant, not like a dusty stack of yellowed newspapers.

We designed the site to have a fresh, modern feel that helps the user focus on the content, rather than a noisy sidebar competing for attention. We designed the typography to be as readable and esthetically pleasing as possible, with comfortable spacing and limited line-width. We wanted to ensure it was the kind of reading experience a person sitting in bed with an iPad would enjoy.

Check out some of these popular recent articles:

It’s quality stuff! You don’t have to be a Jewish college student to be inspired, challenged, and provoked by their excellent journalism.