Jewish Graduate Student Network


I had a great time working with the Jewish Graduate Student Network, a nationally-recognized organization serving thousands of Jewish graduate students and young professionals across the Greater Philadelphia Area. Through campus-based, and city-wide programming, Grad Network offers a diverse set of opportunities and events for Philly’s graduate students and young adult population.

The Grad Network needed a new website that, above all else, made users feel welcomed by the network and excited about the community. Showing up to a new social gathering when you know nobody is intimidating, so we built a web presence that aims to make potential attendees feel at ease and confident that “these are the kind of people I’d like to hang out with.”

Early in the process, the Grad Network team was worried about not having enough “good” photos, but I encouraged them to focus not on the professional quality, but rather on authenticity, even if some err on the side of too casual. So they set about finding photos from their attendees that help users authentically experience what their gatherings are like, even if they are just candid photos shot on an iPhone.

The site includes lots of ideas for how to get involved, from signing up to host a Shabbat Dinner to connecting with local service projects.

If you’re a Jewish graduate student or young professional, hit ‘em up!