Greater Philly Hillel Network

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The Greater Philadelphia Hillel Network is a new “small but mighty” Hillel passionate about creating a vibrant Jewish community throughout campuses in the Philly area. They provide opportunities for diverse forms of Jewish expression through an exciting array of activities throughout the school year. They’re currently active at Bryn Mawr College, Haverford College, and West Chester University. They’re also the parent organization of the Jewish Graduate Student Network (also a client of mine).

The primary goal is to make potential attendees get a taste of the community and feel welcomed to join the fun. The site also serves as a useful tool for existing attendees looking for new ways to get involved as well as Parents and Alumni looking for ways to support Jewish college students.

They’re a very personal network and aim to take every new interested student out for coffee to get to know them and help them feel connected. So we weaved these “Coffee on us!” call-to-actions throughout the site.

Check ‘em out!