Energy Coordinating Agency


Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) is a non-profit based in Philadelphia providing energy services, education, and job training to local and low-income families. Their existing website was outdated, difficult to navigate, and lacked mobile optimization, which created barriers for their target audience. ECA's logo and branding also required modernization to better reflect their innovative approach and position them for future growth.

New logo:

Previous logo:


ECA knew they needed an updated logo, but didn't want to entirely abandon the branding they'd utilized for decades. They wanted to use familiar colors and keep the "ECA" letters as the focal point for the logo.

After multiple rounds of iteration, we landed on a modern, versatile logo that maintains recognizable elements of the original while reflecting ECA's forward-thinking approach. The refreshed color palette, clean typography, and engaging graphics were carried across the whole website and are being utilized in their print materials. With a brand guideline provided for their reference, ECA staff are able to ensure a consistent brand identity throughout every interaction with their audience.

Neighborhood Energy Centers Directory

Neighborhood Energy Centers (NECs) are an integral part of ECA's offerings, serving as one-stop-shops for community members to learn about available programs. Replacing a simple text list, the NEC list is now a directory, featuring an embedded map so users can find their nearest center. Additionally, each center opens to its own page which houses information such as their contact information, website, and location.

Robust Web Forms

An essential requirement for the new site was recreating application and contact forms that previously existed as WordDocs, PDFs, and spreadsheets. These forms were nearly unusable on mobile devices, which was a major roadblock for low-income users who primarily rely on smartphones for internet access.

We recreated the forms in a user-friendly, mobile-optimized format to ensure they could be successfully completed on any device. They needed extensive conditional logic formatting to ensure the correct questions were displayed depending on the user's previous answers, as well as emailed to the appropriate ECA staff member.