Dayley Photography

The Project

Imagine for a moment that you’re planning one of the most important days of your life – your wedding! You’ve got the best fiancé, the gorgeous venue, the ornate dress, the tastiest food, and the most special guest list but you are dreading making one final decision – finding the perfect photographer. Maybe you just feel incredibly awkward every time a camera comes out, or maybe you’re not comfortable with your size or your teeth. We all have our hangups and know how difficult they can be to navigate.

Thankfully, Robin Dayley is here to save your special day! Robin is a wedding and portrait photographer who’s passionate about making every single one of her clients feel welcomed as they are, putting them totally at ease while being photographed.

The Solution

After moving back to the Philadelphia area from California, Robin approached us to help revamp her website. Her goal was to attract an audience of diverse clients in her new location, specifically curvy and LGBTQ+ clients that aren’t typically represented on other photographers’ websites.

We helped her to define this niche market and speak to them directly with the new copy she wrote for her site.

The Outcome

This approach has already paid off! Robin emailed us shortly after launching, and said:

“I just wanted to tell you that all the efforts we put into designing the website to attract diverse clients seems to have paid off. Today I sent out my first marketing email…and within 2 hours I had 6 inquiries. The first of which was a pagan couple/plus size bride who said she loved the all-inclusive vibe on my website. SCORE!”