Conshohocken United Methodist Church


I had a great time working with CUMC, a vibrant congregation in the heart of Conshohocken, PA.

At the first kickoff meeting, I asked the 8-10 people in attendance to tell me why they come to CUMC. Over and over again people talked about the “church family,” the genuineness, the hugs, and the sense of belonging.

So I set about designing a site that made potential new attenders feel what it’s like to be part of this welcoming community. Of course, people want to know details: what kind of music they have, what they believe, who the pastor is, etc. But more than anything, new people looking at a church website want to know, “Will I feel welcomed here?”

When I sent the first draft of the site to Carolyn, the project lead from CUMC, she replied, “This is amazing! I am so moved by the way you were able to capture the essence of our church!”