Citizen Diplomacy International


We couldn’t be more excited to share that we’ve launched a new site for Citizens Diplomacy International (CDI).

CDI connects people from Philly to people from around the world through a series of classes, events, and programs designed to create a more global community since 1954. They believe that dialogue and relationships across cultures is one of the best ways to overcome some of the biggest challenges facing our world. One conversation at a time individuals have the ability foster democracy and equal rights abroad.

Citizen diplomacy is PARTICIPATORY. It’s about real people learning and sharing ideas, not about policy, history, book tours, etc. With their site redesign, our focus was to modernize their site and to make the information easy to digest through intuitive navigation that helps to tell their story. We wanted the website to capture the feeling of “that moment when two people connect over an idea.”

Want to find out more about becoming a citizen diplomat? Check out CDI!