Campus Philly

The Project

Campus Philly is a nonprofit committed to helping college students fall in love with Philadelphia and thus settle their lives here longterm. We had a blast working with the team to design a site that gives college students insider tips and resources to feel at home in this wonderful town.

Campus Philly’s staff had been working to keep their previous aging website afloat. A few years earlier, they did an in-house overhaul and received a healthy stream of traffic from search engines, but the plugin-heavy backend was nearing at breaking point.

The Solution

Like many nonprofits approaching a new website project, they were conflicted whether to target their constituents (Philly-area students) or their funders (employers, the Philadelphia government, and other partners). We explained that it was a false choice—their funders primarily wanted to see that Campus Philly was successfully engaging students, and if so, they’d keep the funds coming. So we focused the home page and navigation around the needs and interests of students, and in doing so, demonstrated their value to funders.

We also completely re-imagined the jobs board, asking, “What do users really need from this tool?” We then worked backwards to design a user experience that made posting and browsing jobs as seamless as possible.

Campus Philly also includes the city’s most comprehensive list of student discounts. We designed a filterable grid to help students find all the ways they can use their ID to save money in the city. From neighborhood guides to events, the site is designed to be the go-to resource for Philly’s college students.

The Outcome

Campus Philly has become a model for other cities seeking to retain more of their students. Recently we were hired to create a new website for Campus757, a similar organization in Virginia Beach, who reached out to us after seeing our work with Campus Philly.

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