Africa Peacebuilding Institute


We had a great time working with the Africa Peacebuilding Institute (API) on the design and development of their brand new website.

API was founded in 2001 in Zambia as a movement of peace practitioners all around Africa that can grow and foster peace in their individual countries and communities. They’re one of the few organizations that have a focus on fostering peace throughout the ENTIRE continent of Africa! Each year they bring together dozens of peach practitioners from all over Africa for a month-long seminar.

Their belief has always been that development can only come after peace, and they are committed to creating that peace with their various programs and support network.

The API has been partnering with the Mennonite Central Committee for years, and they have drawn a majority of their applicants for their peacebuilding programs through MCC. They want to expand beyond this network and see the new website as a way to accomplish this goal.

The website includes a detailed section for the courses included in their peacebuilding program, as well as a connective section for their course facilitators. This will help participants get a complete picture of what they will be learning, and who they will be learning from. We designed it in a way that makes it easy for staff members to add new courses and facilitators on their own.


We also included an alumni map which serves to show the impact that API has had throughout the entire globe. With 533 total graduates from their annual trainings, they have created a vast network of peacebuilders that will continue spreading peace in their home communities for years to come. The map, along with the alumni stories below, speak to the vast impact this young program has already had.

I’m always excited to work with organizations with API, who have an amazing commitment to serving the greater good. Back in my nonprofit days, I worked with MCC in Mexico City doing advocacy work in 2013-2014 and was happy to get back to my Mennonite roots with this project. 🙂