A Growing Culture


Project Dates: July – October 2016

Location: New York

A Growing Culture is a unique organization connecting a global coalition of farmers, supporting them with resources, and doing advocacy on their behalf. A Growing Culture aims to increase sustainable farming practices and to advance the appreciation of farmers worldwide.

The new website was designed to fulfill the following needs:

  1. Advocacy: Challenge the way non-agrarians view farmers and increase appreciation for their global contribution.
  2. Audience: Inform people of A Growing Culture and expand their audience.
  3. Funding: Receive financial support from individual donors as well as institutional funders.

The site also included the Library for Food Sovereignty (LFS), a community-led resource for sharing, building upon, and safeguarding farmer innovations from around the world. Made up of exclusively farmer knowledge, the LFS supports appropriate technologies and open frameworks to advance on-the-ground movements and leverage the potential of local knowledge.