How to stay motivated when working from home

Chris Esh

It’s hard to find motivation when stuck at home all day. But motivation is overrated.

Let’s talk about how we can shrug off the need for motivation and get to work anyway during this uncertain time.

The first thing to realize is that motivation isn’t a strategy. Some days you don’t feel motivated, does that mean you aren’t going to do the work? No, on days like this (and every day) the first step should be ACTION!

We often experience motivation after we take action. I always get a jolt of energy about a mile into my run, and that’s no coincidence! Once you take action, you build momentum and before you know it you’re full steam ahead.

And now for some practical tips.

  1. Cold Showers – For the last 30 seconds of your shower, turn the water cold and take some deep breaths to relax. It’s a great practice for getting comfortable with the uncomfortable.
  2. Plan Ahead – Schedule your day so you know exactly when you are going to start that project you’re procrastinating on. Now there’s no excuse!
  3. Tell Someone – Whenever I’m held accountable to my clients, things get done fast. But if it’s a personal project, that gets put on the back burner. Simply telling someone about the things you plan on doing is a great way to hold yourself accountable.

Stay safe and stay productive!


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