How to market without feeling slimy

Chris Esh

In my observation, mission-driven businesses and high quality nonprofits are often the ones that are most uncomfortable with marketing themselves.

On the other hand, most sleazy slimeballs in business have no hesitation marketing themselves.

Does your business or nonprofit result in making people happier? Yes? Then it’s your OBLIGATION TO HUMANITY to put it out there so other people can find it and benefit from it.

Here’s 5 tips for marketing without feeling slimy:

  1. Understand the value of what you’re marketing
  2. Understand your audience, so you can connect with them authentically.
  3. Care about your audience
  4. Provide free value. Use your expertise to answer their questions and empower them to solve some small problems on their own.
  5. Aim for relationships before sales.

Now go out there and let people know how great you are!


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