Pocosin Arts


Pocosin Arts School of Fine Craft connects people to lifelong learning through the arts from their campus in Columbia, NC. They offer workshops in ceramics, mixed media, metal, both online and in-person. They also curate a gallery on their campus in Columbia, NC.

Pocosin approached Spacious to redesign their 13-year-old website. The project aimed to create a multi-purpose tool that would attract new students, streamline the registration process, and enhance the organization's online presence.


  1. Outdated Website: The existing website was built 13 years ago and lacked modern design elements and functionalities.
  2. User Engagement: The old website was not user-friendly, making it difficult to attract and retain students.
  3. Content Management: The client required an easy-to-use content management system for regular updates.
  4. Multi-purpose Needs: The website had to serve various functions, from course registration to donation collection.

Our goal was to simplify the user experience for both visitors and the people at Pocosin who will be working in this site. We made sure signing up for a workshop and adding or editing a workshop was seamless by allowing attendees to pay and register on the site.

Streamlined Workshop Registration Process

One of the standout features of the new Pocosin Arts website is the streamlined workshop registration process, expertly built using WooCommerce. This robust e-commerce solution replaced an outdated third-party platform, offering a seamless and user-friendly experience from start to finish.

The intuitive design guides users effortlessly through the selection of workshops, adding them to the cart, and proceeding to a secure checkout. The entire process is designed to keep users engaged, minimizing drop-offs and maximizing conversions. With WooCommerce, we were able to create a custom-tailored registration experience that not only simplifies administrative tasks for Pocosin’s staff, but also delights their students.

A design based on the idyllic campus

The design of the new Pocosin Arts website serves as a visual extension of its idyllic campus in Eastern North Carolina. Crafted to inspire creativity, the website features a harmonious blend of natural colors, textures, and imagery that evoke the serene landscapes and artistic ambiance of the region.

The design elements are not merely aesthetic choices; they are a strategic effort to connect users emotionally to the Pocosin Arts community. From the moment visitors land on the homepage, they are greeted with a design that is as inviting as it is inspiring, setting the tone for an enriching educational experience. This beautiful design serves as a digital gateway to the world of fine craft arts, capturing the essence of Pocosin Arts and making it accessible to a global audience.

Instructor Directory

The new Pocosin Arts website proudly showcases its talented team of artist-teachers through an elegantly designed staff directory. Each profile is thoughtfully curated to highlight the instructor's expertise, artistic achievements, and teaching philosophy. This feature not only adds a personal touch to the website but also serves as a testament to the high caliber of education that Pocosin Arts offers, reinforcing the organization's reputation as a hub for artistic excellence.

Integrated with Bloomerang

A pivotal aspect of the new Pocosin Arts website is its seamless integration with Bloomerang, their new CRM system. This integration has revolutionized the way Pocosin Arts manages donations, workshop registrations, and newsletter sign-ups. All these key interactions are now automatically funneled into the CRM, providing a unified view of each supporter's engagement with the organization. This massively simplifies data management while also enabling Pocosin Arts to tailor their outreach and fundraising efforts more effectively, thereby fostering stronger relationships with their community.

Wrap Up

Check out what Pocosin is up to here, and maybe even sign up for a workshop while you’re at it! They offer online as well as in-person workshops year round.