Campus Philly


Campus Philly is a nonprofit committed to helping students who come to Philly for school fall in love with the city and set up their lives here. I had a blast working with the team to design a site that gives college students insider tips and resources to feel at home in this wonderful town.

Jobs Board

A major part of the site was a completely re-imagined jobs board. They had a robust jobs board previously, but it required too many steps for users--both employers and job seekers--which kept its reach limited.

So we started with a blank slate and asked, "What do users really need from this tool?"

Job seekers need to be able to:

  1. Immediately search for jobs without registering for an account.
  2. Navigate seamlessly from the main Campus Philly site to the job board and back (the previous version was on a subdomain and a completely separate back-end).
  3. Easily pinpoint the jobs that interest them and apply right away.

Employers need to:

  1. Easily create an account and post a job immediately.
  2. Only require the most important information on the job posting. The longer the form, the less likely it is people will fill it out.
  3. Allow them to receive job applications directly through the site if they don't have their own online application system.
  4. Track, edit and remove past postings from a user-friendly dashboard.

Student Discounts Directory

Campus Philly also includes the city's most comprehensive list of student discounts. We designed a filterable grid to help students find all the ways they can use their ID to save money in the city.

Resource Portal

They put out lots of valuable content on everything from "Things to Do This Weekend" to "Optimizing Your LinkedIn profile. So we built a resource page that presents these articles more like a news site than a standard blog.

And Lots More

From neighborhood guides to events, the site is designed to be the go-to resource for Philly's college students.

At the same time, the site needed to make the case for the value of Campus Philly's work for the Philadelphia economy in order to ensure a strong stream of funding from the City, business partners, and foundations during an uncertain time.

Check it out, y’all!