Peter Muehlbronner is a highly-regarded home inspector serving the Greater Philadelphia Area through his business AHI, Inc – Consulting.

After many years of getting by with an outdated website, he approached me for help recreating his company’s image on the web.

He needed a site that better reflected his personal, friendly style that his clients loved. He wanted to better reach new home buyers, who are increasingly Millenials and prefer to do their business online instead of by phone. Lastly, he wanted to promote specific services that were most enjoyable and profitable but often overlooked.

Image and Positioning

I rewrote his content to speak directly to users, rather than using generalities and third-person tense. For example:

You found a home you love, but you want to know if its beauty is more than surface deep. Before you commit, you want a trustworthy professional to inspect it from top to bottom.

I’ll answer your questions, thoroughly inspect the property, and leave you with a well-informed understanding of the home.

Peter also invested in a professional photographer who could capture him in-action and help clients get a sense of his friendly demeanor.

Peter offers a premium inspection service and charges accordingly. In writing his content, we made sure to position Peter as the inspector for people who are willing to pay for the best. We intentionally aimed to deter tire-kickers and bargain hunters.


People these days, especially the 20-40-year-olds, increasingly expect to be able to do everything online. So a key priority of the new website was adding a scheduling form that would allow clients to see his real-time availability and schedule an inspection right online.

Promoting Pool Inspections

Peter provides pool inspections in addition to home inspections and wanted to expand that part of his business. The new website allowed us to rethink how to promote this service alongside his other services.

We created a Pool Inspection landing page to target these customers, including an outline of services, sample reports, and targeted search engine optimization. At the bottom of the page, we made it easy for users to jump to the scheduling app to lock in their appointment before leaving the site.