Branding & Logo Design

We help awesome non-profits and small businesses define their brand, develop their visual aesthetic, and present their message to ideal audiences.

Why Branding Matters

We understand the pivotal role that a beautifully designed logo plays in establishing your brand identity. A logo is not just a graphic; it's the visual embodiment of your organization's ethos, values, and aspirations. With our in-house graphic designer, we offer custom logo design services tailored to discover your unique vision and brand personality.

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Logo Portfolio

Energy Coordinating Agency

Philadelphia, PA

Energy Coordinating Agency (ECA) is a Philadelphia-based non-profit organization that provides energy conservation services, education, and job training to help low-income families reduce their energy costs and build sustainable communities. ECA needed a modern, updated logo that reflects their innovative approach to energy equity and job training, while still being recognizable and familiar to their established community.



A program from the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia

PEDSnet is a national pediatric research network that brings together children's hospitals, researchers, clinicians, patients, and families to identify and answer critical questions aimed at improving children's health and well-being. For their logo, PEDSnet needed a design that effectively communicated their mission of collaborative, innovative, and inclusive pediatric research while highlighting their role as a unifying force in the pediatric healthcare community.

Our logo design process



We start the logo design process with a Brand Discovery session. We'll get direction from your organization about:

  • any limitations for the logo: things that need to be kept from your current branding
  • design preferences: styles, graphics, colors, and ideas you'd like to see - or avoid! - in the new logo
  • the direction we're going with the new logo: what emotions or concepts you want it to convey

This will provide the visual foundation for both the logo and the website, so would need stakeholders' agreement to the direction we're going.


Mood Boards

Taking all the information we've gathered in the Research Phase, we'll compile two mood boards that are distinct directions we can go with the new branding. The mood boards will showcase design styles, typographies, and colors - giving you an overall sense of the finished branding. You'll then pick one direction to move forward with.



After that, we'll submit around 5 logo mockups. These are black and white vector images that are concepts we can explore. This is probably a good time to get stakeholders' feedback as you will pick 1 or 2 mockups to move forward with.



We'll explore directions from the chosen mockups and begin integrating color schemes. We'll then submit around 4 logo drafts and you will pick 1 or 2 to move into final revisions with. This is likely a good time to get outside input again.



We'll make any necessary changes to the logo draft(s) chosen and submit it for approval. At this point, we'll be getting close to the finished design and should only be making minor tweaks until it's approved by all stakeholders.


Brand Guidelines

We then send your website out into the world with a brand new, polished and professional logo! We also include a user-friendly Brand Guidelines PDF document along with all the original files so you can consistently and successfully incorporate the new branding across your whole organization.

Ready for a rebrand?