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Streamlining the Path to Generosity: Donation Form Best Practices

November 16, 2023

Technology is primarily about reducing friction in our lives. Uber will have a driver waiting for you after a few clicks in the app. Alexa will have an Amazon box at your doorstep tomorrow just by saying the word (whether intentionally or not…). Food can be delivered to your door via Doordash without you needing […]

How I plan my day

I never start my workday by checking email. Instead, I start with four simple tasks that I save in an Evernote, I copy the table freshly for the new day and then I take a few moments to answer each of the questions. First, what are my priorities? Before I get bogged down in the…

10 post ideas for your business blog

Video: why people really donate to your nonprofit

I’m a potential donor with $20 to spend. What would make me decide to spend this $20 on a donation to you instead of all the other dumb things I could spend 20 bucks on? A lot of nonprofits don’t spend a lot of time thinking seriously about why people choose to give money to…

Jamie wins!

Jamie surprised many by winning the 3rd District Primary and ending the Blackwells’ 45-year dynasty. Jamie has been a champion of equitable community development throughout her extensive career in the nonprofit sector.

Video: who needs to be involved in a nonprofit website project

I’ll be launching a big nonprofit website and also going be kicking off a couple of new nonprofit projects. It got me thinking a little bit about what it takes to prepare a team for an effective nonprofit project. Process is everything! And, more specifically, making sure that the right people are involved at the…

Video: optimize for users, Not Search Engines

Like all things in life, SEO requires balance. While you’re trying to impress Google’s algorithm and get its attention, don’t sacrifice your users. There are lots of firms out there that will charge you lots of money, go through your site, jam every single nook and cranny they can find with keywords to help you…

Early and small: my creative process

Over time, I’ve developed a creative process that takes the guesswork out of producing good quality work. Give yourself plenty of time, commit to putting in the work, and trust the process.

Google is your only resume: why you need to cultivate your personal brand

Resumes are almost obsolete. Increasingly what matters is what shows up on Google and/or social media when potential employers and clients look you up.

Aim for realness not perfection in your professional life

Humans have a nasty tendency to see our unique traits as weaknesses. We wish we could be more like our professional idols and successful competitors, and we look at our own oddities with contempt.

The reality is, people today crave authenticity. People want to do business with real people.

From planning to imperfect action

It’s not about planning out the perfect course and then embarking on it. It’s about diving in, taking imperfect action, reflecting, then doing it again until you find what works. Plan, but don’t overthink. God knows how many brilliant businesses will never exist because they live in somebody’s brain who is afraid to take imperfect action.

The small business guide to GDPR compliance in WordPress

But here’s the fun part—even if you don’t specifically serve European users, we all need to be in compliance because people living in the EU can access your site. Hypothetically you could be fined 20 million Euros or more for failing to comply. So even if this is the most boring blog post you read today, it could save you 20 million Euros. 

Yeah, now your site needs to use HTTPS

Google Chrome will start flagging regular HTTP sites as “Not Secure” starting in July 2018. Which mean HTTPS is now mandatory, regardless of whether you consider your data in need of encryption.

Focus is more important than intelligence: how to eliminate distraction

In this distracted world, the most focused person usually wins. So don’t fight distraction out of a sense of guilt or obligation. Instead, see it as low-hanging fruit: the easiest opportunity to improve your impact and get ahead.

Activist marching

100 true fans is all your nonprofit needs

Your nonprofit doesn’t need a six-figure email list to be successful. Instead, you need a small but passionate following that donates monthly, attends all your events, shares your social media posts, and tells their friends about you.

How to use LastPass to securely simplify your life

Don’t be a liability to yourself and others—get a password manager like LastPass so you can start using secure, unique passwords for all of your important accounts.

Humanized web development

I decided to learn web development, largely driven by the belief that getting a website built or fixed shouldn’t be a painful process.

Why a call to action is important for your website

If you aren’t specifically asking your visitors to take an action, don’t be disappointed when they don’t. 

Effective social media marketing with limited time

Despite spending valuable creative energy every week typing witty tweets and profound blog posts, your engagement rates leave a lot to be desired. Here are six tips to focus your social media marketing strategy to better engage your audience without exerting much effort.

Audience first: your website isn’t about you

Focusing on client needs first will position you as an authority in your field, rather than a business person struggling to make a sale. Your needs as a business owner are closely linked to the needs of your clients. When you focus on their needs first, your needs are often met as a result—but that doesn’t work in reverse.

Small business SEO: you’re better than you realize

Instead of wasting your time trying to crack the formula (or paying thousands to an “expert” that promises to get you on the front page), focus on making your content relevant, updated, and logically organized.