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Streamlining the Path to Generosity: Donation Form Best Practices

November 16, 2023

Technology is primarily about reducing friction in our lives. Uber will have a driver waiting for you after a few clicks in the app. Alexa will have an Amazon box at your doorstep tomorrow just by saying the word (whether intentionally or not…). Food can be delivered to your door via Doordash without you needing […]

The most important skill in business is understanding humans

I’m a sensitive introvert by nature, which means I’ve spent my life being (overly) attentive to what other people are thinking and feeling. This orientation towards the world has hindered my career in many moments, but I’ve realized recently that it’s been one of the traits that made my business work, even before I really…

How to consistently come up with new ideas for your blog

We’ve all been there before, staring at a blank Word doc and not knowing where to start. When it comes to writing blog posts, it doesn’t have to be a chore. A good process makes it much easier. Here’s my approach.

It’s not just a matter of open vs. closed for small businesses

I got a phone call from a plant nursery owner a couple weeks ago. He’s not a client of mine but he wanted some ideas about what to do during this hard time. I mentioned some ideas like curbside pickups, but he’s committed to remaining closed until it’s safe to re-open. The reason? For the…

How much of a runway do you need to start a business?

How much of a runway do you need to start a business? It would be ideal to do so when: You’re sitting on enough cash to carry you through 6 months You have a long list of customers demanding your services In the middle of a booming economy Well that’s the ideal, but welcome to…

How to write a good about page for your small business

The most common mistake I see on About pages is believing it’s all about you, the business. It’s not. Even if it’s literally titled “About Us,” it’s really all about your customers—specifically making a genuine connection and making them feel good about being the kind of person who purchases from your business.

Lockdown website revamp part 3: how to build an audience through timely, original content

Now is a great time to build an audience through creating timely, original content that your audience will find useful and valuable at any time, not just during the lockdown.

Lockdown website revamp part 2: selling online now and in the future

It’s a great time to start offering products and services online today, but it could also be a good option to have in the future.

If there’s one thing this virus has shown us, it’s that we need to be able to adapt. So let’s adapt.


Lockdown website revamp part 1: perfecting your online presence

The little update banners we put up the first few weeks were a nice first step, but since this new normal is here to stay, we have to go much further than that. We need to turn our websites into vibrant digital storefronts. Here’s how.

How to market without feeling slimy

On the other hand, most sleazy slimeballs in business have no hesitation marketing themselves. Does your business or nonprofit result in making people happier? Yes? Then it’s your OBLIGATION TO HUMANITY to put it out there so other people can find it and benefit from it. Here’s 5 tips for marketing without feeling slimy: Understand…

Building your audience with Gary Vee’s Jab Jab Hook Strategy

Building your audience and inspiring action via social media has never been more critical. As our audiences are all stuck at home, organizations and small businesses are realizing that a strong online presence is no longer a “one day maybe” sort of project. It needs to happen now. But where to begin? One of my…

Five easy tips for effective video conferencing

If you’ve found yourself working from home over the past few weeks due to coronavirus, you’re not alone. And if you’re working remotely, you are probably diving headfirst into video conferencing whether you like it or not! You may be used to video conferencing already, but many people are new to this. So if you…

Working from home with kids during a global pandemic

My kids’ school closed down on Friday the 13th and it’s been JOURNEY since then. I want to talk to all you other working-from-home parents out there. Your kids have interrupted video calls, torn up the house and tested your patience. You almost find your focus before you need to stop to go wipe somebody….

How to stay motivated when working from home

It’s hard to find motivation when stuck at home all day. But motivation is overrated. Let’s talk about how we can shrug off the need for motivation and get to work anyway during this uncertain time. The first thing to realize is that motivation isn’t a strategy. Some days you don’t feel motivated, does that…

Seven steps for remaining productive while working from home

I’ve been working from home for chunks of every week since I opened my business four years ago. And I love it! Sometimes. If you’d asked me my best advice for working from home a couple of weeks ago, it would have been: Don’t do it all the time. I’d found a great rhythm of…

Amid in the panic, don’t freeze up

A couple weeks ago I had a full lineup of projects into the summer, I was looking for airline tickets for a trip in the next few weeks, and had a decent lineup of content ready to roll out. Now that the world turned upside down, it’s hard to plan for next week, let alone…

Finding your voice in the Coronavirus crisis

Everybody is thinking all day long about COVID-19. How can you enter that conversation without following the mainstream narrative everyone else is following? How can you meaningfully add to the conversation?

Be social on social media

So I just had a crazy revelation. Like, you won’t even believe how transcending and mind-blowing this one is…You ready? The secret to getting the absolute most out of social media is by… Being social! ? Who would have thought right? Not like it’s in the name or anything… But, seriously, I’ve been really skeptical…

How to find images for your nonprofit’s website and social media

You don’t need a large budget to make your nonprofit shine with quality images. Invest some times (and maybe a bit of money) and reap the rewards of a more engaged audience and a better image.

SEO tutorial for nonprofits: why SEO is a balancing act between content and optimization

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a great way to draw a higher amount of quality search traffic to your website. It’s completely free (if you do it yourself) and only requires a bit of knowledge about common keywords and search queries your ideal website visitor uses in order to get started.

The insider’s guide to successful nonprofit website projects

A bit over 9 years ago, I got my first job out of college at Philadelphia LISC. For the next 5 years at various organizations in Philly and Mexico City, I was entrenched in the business of growing the impact of nonprofits and seeing the immense benefits they provided to the people and communities they…