A quick & simple guide to writing effective blog posts

Becky Franzel


Do you want more engagement from your audience?

Talk to them!

Obviously, you cannot talk with every single person individually. Much like you, we’re busy. But you can effectively communicate with them through your blog. 

By keeping a regular blog–whether you post once a month or once a week–you can keep in regular contact with them. 

Writing a blog post does not need to be intimidating. At Spacious we’re obsessed with good processes, especially those that can be distilled down to a checklist.

Below are a few questions you can ask yourself to confidently manage the writing process from idea to publication.


  • Who is your audience? 
  • What purpose does your post serve (to inform, to entertain, to update)?
  • What tone will you be using? 
  • Is your post time-sensitive, or is it timeless? That said, do you need to update previous posts once this is published?


  • Does your post have a title?
  • Does that title fit the post?
  • Is your post easy to scan? (For example, does it have subheaders, bullet points, lists, or anything that can make this post easy to scan?)
  • Is there a Call To Action (CTA)? Does it fit the article’s tone?
  • Are all links working, and are they correct?
  • Are there any images? Do they fit with the tone of the post?


  • Read your post out loud. Does it flow well?
  • Read it once more, but this time in your head. Does it still flow well?
  • Is your introduction easy to consume?
  • Does the introduction effectively introduce the topics in your post? Does your post deliver on those promises?
  • Does the tone of the article fit your brand?
  • Does your post effectively address your target audience?
  • Have you run your post through a grammar-checker? (We love Grammarly.) *While this should not be used as an end-all, as it’s sometimes wrong, review to see if there is anything you’ve missed.

Before Publishing

  • Check links once more.
  • Check images once more.
  • Check formatting once more.
  • Read it out loud once more. Does it still flow well?

Have questions? Reach out to our team and we can help you out!


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